Hello and Welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  My name is Johanne Maria King. My dress design business is called Jo. King.  Based in Cork city, Ireland, my studio is located on Princes St.  right in the centre of town.

My career began I believe as a child of 4. Constantly intrigued with my Mother’s ability to work the sewing machine. I set up a little sewing corner in my room.  Dedicated to designing pieces for my array of dolls, while simultaneously imitating all that my Mother had been doing.  This was always a source of amusement for Granny and Mum.  My Grandmother would always say in her strong West of Ireland brogue ‘ Let her alone yet,  that will be good for her’. Granny’s know best eh..  You could say creativity is all I know. Unfortunately though creativity didn’t coincide with the education system at the time. All sewing endeavour’s came to a gradual halt and the dolls were officially out of any new attire.

It was while living in Barcelona some 20 years later,  that this creativity became reignited.

All of a sudden or what seemed like out of no-where. I had this strong desire to sketch, design and sew.  I bought my first sewing machine, enrolled in a Catalan school for design,  while receiving private tuition at the house of a Peruvian dressmaker. I was 23 and haven’t stopped since.

Upon returning to Ireland,  for a short stay in North Tipperary where I am originally from. I found a 2 year course based in Cork,  for dress design and pattern draughting.  So I packed my bag and sewing machine and off I went.

I completed my studies and having worked in various jobs, I still managed to continue to  dress design on the side, but internally I was longing to fulfil my dream of designing as a full-time profession. The opportunity arose in 2011 after being laid off from my job and I haven’t looked back since. I have showcased dress collections at 3 of the fashion weeks here. I have had 2 private shows,  all the while producing bespoke wear for an on-going private clientele here in the city.

I must say though, that one of the best parts of my job is working as an Irish designer in Ireland. It is something I am ferociously proud of and passionate about.

Long Live Everything that is Artisan,

Best Wishes for now,

Jo. King